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From The Vault Volume 4 CD
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Track List

01 Chest Fever
02 Fool For You Baby
03 I'll Get You Rockin'
04 Down
05 All Nite Long
06 Media Woman
07 Festyvul Seasun
08 Positively 4th Street
09 He's A Fool
10 Rock N Roll Jail
11 Vicious
12 Lonely Tonite
13 Ickey Babyfuck Me Suck Me
14 Caught In The Act
15 Gotta Muv'
16 Just Wanna Go Home
17 Rock N' Roll Queen
18 All Night Long (Live)
19 Rockcity Commercial

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The Godz are:

Eric Moore

Still, Nineteen Seventy-Seven had more in store for the band. The band was being marketed to the masses as a heavier version of Kiss without the make-up. And it seemed to be working. In the fall of 1977, the Godz embarked on a seventeen month tour, which yielded many sold out capacity shows in 6,000 plus seat halls. Nineteen Seventy Eight started off with a bang as well as the Godz partnered on the "Angel & Godz: A Match Made In Heaven" tour where Eric and Co. opened up for Angel (Greg Giuffria).
Things were looking up for the band as they got ready to record their second album, Nothing Is Sacred. But it was just not meant to be. Changing personel, label structure, and a motorcycle sidelined the band for much of 1979. When they were able to forge forward to support the second album, the band put there all into their shows, often stealing away the audience from the headliner. They held opening slots for Kansas, Iggy Pop, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, and numerous other notable bands. The Godz found themselves with little label support as their counterparts Kiss started to build momentum requiring more of the labels resources.

With the lack of label support, frustrations amongst the band members, and eventually the resigning of some of the band members, The Godz would officially cease to exist in late 1980.

You can't keep a good thing down, and the Godz would eventually reform. Prior to the second coming of the Godz, Eric recruited members of another Ohio biker band called Black Leather Touch and formed the Eric Moore band. The band recorded the song "I Won't Be Lonely Tonight" which appeared on the "Vinyl Ecstasy - Hometown Album Project Volume 2". A highly sought after and hard to find track, it is now finally available on this release. This too would be a short-lived gig, as Eric found himself a resident of the Mansfield, Ohio reformatory after ALLEDGEDLY shooting someone in a bar fight. I don't know the details and I ain't asking, so you'll have to wait for the book.

{But let it be said that Eric has an affinity for guns. He always carried them with him on the road. One of my favorite Eric Moore shoot 'em up stories relates back to a soundman who couldn't get the sound right during soundcheck. After numerous failed attempts to get the sound correct through Eric's monitors, he gave the soundman one last chance to get the sound right "Or Else"...and Eric wasn't kidding. "Bang!" The soundman failed to rectify the sound, and Eric, ever true to his word, shot the shit out of the monitor. I'm guessing it still didn't sound any better after Eric took a hold of the situation, but the exclamation point was definitively made...and it was probably time for a beer.}

Eric paid his debt to society and upon his release, he would reform The Godz. This new group consisted of Eric, Freddie Salem, Steve Schuffert on guitar and Sandy Gennaro (from Cindy Lauper's band) on drums. Sandy was later replaced by Jimmy Clark. The band recorded The Godz' 1985 album, "I'll Get You Rockin", which was a European-only release on the Heavy Metal America label.

In 1987, The Godz released Mongolians, a domestic release which recycled a handful of tunes from "I'll get You Rockin" alongside some new stronger material. Mongolians in my personal opinion is their strongest album and must for any diehard eighties rock fan. Its pure balls out rock-n-roll, and is also available on CD by FnA Records (www.fnarecords.net).
Old habits die hard though and The Godz would continue to spin that revolving door of members in, members out. And this trend carries on til this very day 2012; still there is one constant, balls deep and cemented in tradition, carrying on The Godz legacy...Eric Moore.

Eric did try and reunite the original band back in 1995 to record a live album. Three of the four original members were in, but it would not be the full reunion that Eric had hoped for. Still, this incarnation of the band was able to record a pretty solid live album entitled "Greatest Hits Live".

It's 2012, and things are popping for The Godz again. They just recorded a new album of material (Last Of The Outlaws) for another independent label out there. Additionally, The Godz have teamed up with FnA Records (www.fnarecords.net) to release a treasure trove of goodies. Infact, FnA Records will be releasing many albums worth of material and a highly anticipated DVD. The albums will be released in regular versions as well as special limited edition autographed fan packs. First in the line up of relases of The Godz via FnA Records is the highly sought after 1987 release Mongolians. This is the re-release that The Godz fans have anxiously been awaiting! When old copies of this album on CD become available on auction sites, they command a high dollar value. Now it will be available to everyone at a fair price. FnA Records will also be releasing "From The Vault Volume 1" and "From The Vault Volume 2" with the possibility of future Vault releases. 2013 also looks like it will shape up to be a great year for the Godz via the first ever Godz Tribute album. This will be a real treat for The Godz completist. Then, later in 2013, The Godz fans will be treated to the very first ever release of a home video DVD.

So put down the bong, grab your bitch, and your Gentleman Jack and make Mr. Eric Moore proud!