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Track List

01 Keep It Alive
02 To The Top
03 Love Me Tonight
04 Hard Time
05 No Remedy For Heartbreak
06 Aint Nobodys Business
07 Paradise
08 Back On The Streets
09 Wildride
10 Naughty Jane
11 Against The Wall
12 Food For Your Love
13 Fantasy
14 Tell Me About It
15 Take Me Home
16 Something 'Bout The Way
17 Feed The Fire
18 Naughty Jane (Rough Mix)
19 Let Me Be The One (Rough Mix)
20 I'm On Fire (Rough Mix)

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Naughty Jane was formed in June of 1990 and consists of Robert Jantzen on vocals, Richie Delise on bass, J.D. Lee on drums and Michael St. James on guitar. The real treat was seeing the boys live, where they used one of the largest stage productions ever to be squeezed into a club. This, along with their hordes of loyal followers, attracted a crowd not to be rivaled in size or enthusiasm.

The live shows feed off the crowd's energy and allow the band to showcase a wide variety of material. The sets include hard-driving rock-n-roll songs such as "Wild Ride" and "On Fire" and some blues-oriented tunes like "Tastes So Good" and the popular "Down-N-Dirty". They also have the ideal radio ballads of "Paradise" and "Let Me Be The One" which features the bands unique vocal harmonies. The shows also include a guitsr solo from Michael St. James and a drum solo bu J.D. Lee that never fail to garner a huge reaction from the fans.
Naughty Jane has signed a deal with FNA Records that finds the band back in the studio recording. It has been 20 years since Naughty Jane has played together and now Robert Smith (vocals), Michael Corsaro (guitar) and Rich Delise (bass) are back together with the help of drummer Damien MonteCarlo from the band Mach 22 and are recording songs that have never been released from their days as a headliner on the Philadelphia and New Jersey music scene. The 2 CD set "Keep It Alive" will be released in mid 2015.