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Krayola Kids CD *** Limited Edition of 100 CD’s! ***

*********** Rare Limited Edition Release *************

Limited Edition of 100 CD’s

*********** Rare Limited Edition Release *************

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Track List

01 Krayola Rock N Roll
02 Sky Blue
03 Sweet Pea
04 Circus Comes to Town (Live)
05 She Reminds Me Of You
06 90sRocknRoll
07 Ice in the night
08 Bitches n ladies
09 Havin a Friend
10 Without Your Love
11 Don't be a fake
12 Big Shot by the band Big Shot

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Krayola Kelly - Vocals
Pepsi Pop - Guitars
Holly Daze - Bass
Tommi Tune - Drums

Krayola Kids were formed in 1991 in Hollywood CA, by the departure of lead singer Kelly Lynn from the band "The BabyDolls"; which will shortly after abandon the bubblegum sound for a more gothic vibe becoming The Astro Vamps. Singer Kelly (who had changed his name to Krayola Kelly) wanted to form his own band that keep in line with the thriving Hollywood glam scene. He partnered with bassist Stacy. Together they wanted to expand the colorful image and sound that they had embraced in the Dolls. Kelly met Pepsi Pop thru an ad In the local rag. Drummer Tommi Tune joined the band after just having arrived from Atlanta 2 days earlier. When it looked that the lineup was complete, Stacy suddenly left the project and joined the Zeros. However, Stacy recommended a close friend Robbie Roulette as a his replacement. Robbie was also the assistant of Poison's guitarist CC DeVille, so CC mentored the band and helped them to develop their sound and image. Krayola kids started playing the sunset strips clubs opening for acts like Swingin’ Thing, Alleycat Scratch and Big Bang Babies. The band started working on their record, "The House That Glam Built". Once again, Bassist Robbie Roulette just up and left the band. He was shortly replaced by Holly Daze. With Holly Daze (who was from Chicago) now aboard, the band expanded their Poison and Pretty Boy Floyd influenced sound with other flavors, like Enuff ZNuff and pop punk bands like Wonder Stuff. A collaborator of then Metallica Bassist, Jason Newsted, saw the band at a gig in Hollywood and wanted to manage the band; he procures some high proile gigs for The kids including an opener at Phoenix stadium for Rob Zombie. A very peculiar match up for such a poppy band. But When the band seemed so close to a record deal the music scene abruptly changed direction. The golden days of the sunset strip were numbered; with the release Nirvana's Nevermind, the music as we knew it, wiped out the glam movement in Hollywood.

Krayola Kelly left the band for creative differences. The other 3 members hired a new singer and changed their sound drastically to alternative, becoming the band “Cartoon Boyfriend.”

But that's another story!