Gypsy Blue: Livin' In The City

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Livin' In The City
Livin' In The City Fan Package

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*** Fan Package is limited to 25 units only and comes in a cool cigar box designed by Lead Vocalist Spider St. Valentine. Includes autographed CD and sticker and maybe a cool surprise all housed inside cigar box **** (Fan Packages ship usually 2-4 weeks after release date as band needs to sign booklets - all signatures guaranteed Authentic!!!)

Pro-Silver Bottomed CD-r

Track List

01 Livin' In the City
02 One Kiss
03 Thinkin' Of Leavin
04 Thorn In Your Side
05 Never
06 One Kiss (Babylon)
07 One Kiss (Last Kiss Version)
08 When The Lights Go Down
09 This Time
10 Dirty Woman
11 Killing Me
12 One Kiss (Acoustic Demo)
13 One Kiss (Commentary Track)

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Gypsy Blue is:

Spider St. Valentine – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Nick Blaque-Guitar
Rimshot-Bass & Backing Vocals
Ricki Angel-Drums & Backing Vocals

The 1980s introduced America and the world to Hair Metal. Shredding guitar licks and insanely
catchy hooks washed in big (really big) hair, eye liner and spandex were omnipresent on MTV
while an entire generation plunged headlong into a universe of power ballads and rock
anthems that would become the clarion call of the age.
If the west coast can be considered home to the glam rock vanguard, it cannot be forgotten
that rock soldiers spread across the planet, filling every venue from the smallest, dingiest clubs
to the grandest arenas.
In the trenches of the Midwest, Chicago's Gypsy Blue made a name for themselves as a band
that demanded attention not only for their incendiary stage show and glossy look but also for
their grandiloquent songwriting and arrangements. Drawing on a diverse set of influences the
four piece unit delivered choruses that drilled their way into the psyche of their fans, creating
instant sing-along classics.
With more desire than money, they cobbled together a homemade stage show that was built to
impress: stolen ambulance and police car lights flashing, oversized drum risers, ego ramps and
giant strobes, smoke… lots and lots of smoke. The band traveled with a full crew, stage
manager, hair and make-up staff and photographers, all at their own expense. If they didn’t get
paid that night, there was no getting to the next show.
With a couple of albums worth of material and a deliciously ebullient live performance made up
of equal parts aural bombast and candy colored visuals, the next and only step was global
dominance. SPidER flew to Los Angeles for a meeting with idol maker Rodney Bingenheimer,
David Bowie’s early connection in the states, champion to the Ramones, music guru and of
course KROQ DJ who agreed to add the group’s recording to his show’s playlist.
Airplay and ceaseless self-promotion garnered interest from labels and management, offering
supporting slots for some of the genres heavy hitters. However, time was not on the side of
SPidER, Rimshot, Ricki and Nick, as the bright, shiny fun that was glam gave way to the darker
lyrics and stripped down sounds of grunge. Headbanger's Ball was cancelled, record companies
turned their backs on hard rock in favor of alternative subcultures and glam metal artists found
it increasingly difficult to reach their audience.
The 25th Anniversary GYPSY BLUE collection relives some of the forgotten glory, bringing you
the original Gypsy Blue EP along with previously unreleased demos, alternate versions and live
tracks, celebrating a band that was everything Hair Metal ought to be and more, from the
sleaze and the booze to the aqua-net and tattoos.