FnA Records release’s Snowmen and Witchunt CDs


FnA Records release’s two Pennsylvania bands:

Erie PA’s Snowmen and Philadelphia’s Witchunt


The Snowmen are all about the show and the Rock experience

With their chilly painted white faces (a la Kiss) originally they attacked the heavy rock scene on Christmas 1977.
The Snowmen were a theatrical band choosing to give their fans a full value show; filled with smoke machines and lasers , butane flames, flash pods, puppets, and chase lights and spot lights, painted faces and stage antics all bound in one tight professional show. After building a base in Erie, PA., the band moved to Sunny California searching for the Big Time.
The band played all the time including concert halls in New York, California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Canada.
With the heavy touring schedule, the band never forgot that the music was the main attraction and the band was able to record a self-titled LP in the early 80’s which is now a cult record if you have one on White Vinyl.
FnA Records has taken that self-titled LP and expanded it adding 4 professionally recorded bonus tracks. The most notable track is for the catchy tongue in cheek song ‘Crazy’ which is easily seen and heard as a hit youtube. This 11 track album has another notable track entitled ‘Trouble’ written by the late Kim Fowley. You can hear sound samples at the FnA Records website (www.fnarecords.net)


FnA Records releases Witchunt CD

The second FnA Records released this late summer of 2016 is the self-titled Witchunt CD; a band that was very familiar in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey hard rock tour circuit from 1988 to 1995.
Witchunt primarily played the Delco, Philly, Southern New Jersey circuits consisting of some legendary rooms such as PJ’S Red Garter, JC Dobbs, the Cell Block and the Galaxy.
The band sounds like a crossing of their idols Kiss, Van Halen, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.
Witchunts new self-titled 15 track album is available through FnA Records (www.fnarecords.net). The album contains 13 tracks and 2 live tracks. Check out the bands page on the FnA Records website to listen to samples.