Paradoxx: Plan of Attak

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Plan of Attak CD
*** Rare Limited Edition Release ***

Pro-Silver Bottomed CD-r

1. Don't Let Go
2. Unleashed
3. Live Free Or Die
4. Black Siren
5. Plan of Attak
6. Night Ryder

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Paradoxx is:

Glen Dobbs - Vocals
John Dobbs - Guitars, Vocals
Gary Vermette - Guitars, Vocals
Frank Rotondo - Bass
Jerry Wiener - Drums

Considered to be “The Holy Grail” by numerous Hard Rock fans the world over, Paradoxx’s Plan Of Attak is seeing its very first “OFFICIAL RELEASE” on FnA Records, twenty-eight years after its inception. In the mid-eighties, Paradoxx was a quickly rising band from Chicago with growing legions of fans. During this period, Paradoxx entered Sound Summit Studios (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin) with the intention of releasing their very first EP entitled Plan Of Attak. The album was recorded and pressed (albeit in a very limited quantity to start off with), but what would happen next is what gives this recording legendary status. There was some sort of problem or error with the pressing, and the band only picked up 50 copies from the plant due to the error. The band handed out most of the copies they snagged to friends and family, while the rest of the copies were scrapped/destroyed by the record plant (A small handful of copies were mailed out as promos). That’s it! Only 50 copies survived the initial pressing - the album was never available at retail outlets or at the shows.

In the past, when a Plan Of Attak LP has surfaced on ebay, collector’s have seen the album fetch anywhere between one and two thousand dollars ($1,000 - $2,000). The extreme rarity of the album has led to overseas bootleggers pressing up bogus copies of Plan Of Attak, which in turn led to digital copies of the music and peer-to-peer sharing of this highly sought after album. Bootlegs (while flattering that the fans want your music) are not ok with the band. This is their blood, sweat, and tears and the band deserves to be properly compensated for their work. So when the Thirsty Whale (home nightclub of Paradoxx) Reunion of 2013 was scheduled and Paradoxx was chosen to be one of the co-headliners, FnA Records called on Paradoxx to see if FnA Records could do a very limited release and the “First Official – Band Sanctioned” release of Plan Of Attak. Overwhelmingly, the band said yes so that their true fans and friends could walk away from the show with something they have been hungering for over the last twenty-eight years!

FnA Records and Paradoxx agreed to do an “Official” Limited Edition Pressing of just 100 units for the fans at the Thirsty Whale Reunion of 2013. The music has been remastered within the limitations of not having the original master reels. New artwork, true to the original vinyl pressing, has been re-created by FnA Records graphic artist Patrick White. You, the consumer, can tell if you have an original FnA Records pressing if your number written here (#______/100) matches the number on the individually numbered and certified hologram security sticker affixed to this booklet. This sticker also signifies that all autographs have been legitimately obtained from the band in person and are guaranteed to be authentic.

** Back in 1985, after the Plan Of Attak vinyl debacle, Paradoxx trudged on playing packed shows and winning over fan after fan. Guitarist Gary Vermette eventually left the band and was replaced by Dave Shankle who would eventually go on to play with Manowar. Shankle along with the Paradoxx boys would record the song "Night Ryder" which was featured on the 'Chicago Class of 85' compilation, and is added to the FnA Records version of Plan Of Attak as a bonus track. Additionally, one other track, ironically entitled ‘Plan Of Attak’ (but not featured on the original pressing of the 4 track vinyl of the same name), is featured here as well as a bonus track.

Paradoxx and FnA Records truly hope that you enjoy this piece of Chicago hard rock history!

We literally have just a few copies available; autographed by the original band members.