Dirty Black Halo: Burning at the Edge of Dawn

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Burning at the Edge of Dawn
Burning at the Edge of Dawn Fan Package
Silver Pressed Disc

01 Fantasy In Flesh
02 Coming After You
03 As Night Falls
04 French Tickler
05 Agent of Destruction
06 Friends with Benefits
07 Trust
08 Needle and the Bottle
09 Chains
10 March The Dead
11 Path to Madness
12 Black Ink

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  • Burning at the Edge of Dawn
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Dirty Black Halo is:
John Hale - Vocals
Jerry d'Paoli - Guitar
Czeq Quinn - Drums
Dino Florez - Guitar

In the past, I always seemed to be just one of the catalysts in the equation. Not that I didn't have appreciation for being that cog in the wheel. I've always loved the chemistry mix that came about when different members contributed and another entity was created. I was happy with that formula for a long time. However, I always thought. WHAT IF? What if I was the one who had the idea, I had the concept, I set the parameters? Anyone else integrated would be using my template?

That thought culminated in my head for the longest time. All of a sudden, I was without a band for once. What better time? I've had great experiences, and have always someway, somehow had the privilege to work intensely with Erie's absolute best musicians. Am I anything great? Nah. I've just had really good peers who were unknowingly mentors to me. I was never anyone who ever saw themselves as anyone with exceptional talent (nor do I now) I just have the tenacity and persistence to slam my head against the proverbial brick wall until I get it right.

Though, I'm really not concerned all that much with "getting it right" This project has been as much a learning experience as it is expression. Thanks to all my "teachers" musically and/or life experience.

-- bio by FnA Records