Slick Kitty: Claws Extended

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Claws Extended CD
Claws Extended Fan Pack autographed CD
Claws Extended - Digital Download
*** Fan Pack autographed by Maurice Fadalti ***

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Track List

01 One Night
02 Sometimes
03 Burnin' T' Night
04 Cross That Line
05 Long Way From Home
06 Miss Understandme
07 Till' The End Of Time
08 Teezer
09 Lost Again
10 Many Naked People
11 Not Now
12 Kiss
13 Warning Sign
14 Never Seems Like
15 In The Shadows 250_251
16 Yesterday Today And Tomorrow

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  • Claws Extended
Teezer (Remastered) tracks 1 through 8
250/251 (Extended Tracks) tracks 9 through 16

  • Description
Slick Kitty is:

Maurice Fadalti - Lead Vocals
Robert Lee O'Day - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Mike LeGrow - Bass/Backing Vocals
Jeff Saulnier - Drums

Slick Kitty was initially formed in 1987 under the moniker “Limousine”. The first official gig, pyrotechnics and all, was at a club called FootLoose, on February 10 1988, with the final, solid lineup, emerging in 1991 under the new “cool cat” identity. A band that blended the melodic resonance of rock n roll with high intensity performances soon established itself on the Toronto, Canada, area music scene. The Gasworks, Entex, Rock N Roll Heaven and The Elmocambo, were our usual places of concert, along with many other notable venues. Showcasing gigs with Lee Aaron (The original Metal Queen) and Harem Scarem, lead us on the path to headlining our own venues. We were on the same circuit as VO5 (Sebastian Bach) and Winter Rose (James LaBrie of Dream Theatre), but just couldn’t get all the stars to line up.

At one point we had the president of Virgin Records Canada, Bob Muir, over for “afternoon tea”. He had just signed The Spoons and wanted a hard rock band on the roster. Sadly, he passed away before any contracts were signed. Our luck changed, to some degree, after winning top prize in an “Album of The Month Contest” sponsored by a popular local nightclub, Nag’s Head North. Some twenty-seven bands were judged by an independent panel from the music and entertainment industry along with the audience vote. We came out on top and were awarded the opportunity to produce a CD (Teezer,) but true success eluded us. Teezer features eight songs ranging from the driving rock standard of, “One Night”, to the passion yielding ballad of, “Till The End Of Time”. The album leads you on a roller coaster ride of emotions climaxing in the sexual overtones of the title track.

Before breaking up in 1997, due to the usual differences bands tend to experience, another CD was in the works but never pressed to plastic. Titled 250/251, it was more of a conceptual theme, but still Slick Kitty all the way. Now, both Teezer and the previously unheard, 250/251, will be available, re-mastered and ready for play. FnA records have given us the opportunity to let the “cat out of the bag” again and we hope our fans, both old and new, enjoy it.