Alleycat Scratch: Deadboys in Trash City

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Deadboys in Trash City
Deadboys in Trash City CD + Last Call CD
Deadboys in Trash City Fan Package
*** Fan Package is Autographed by 3 members of the band ***

Silver Pressed Disc

Track List

01 Stiletto Strut
02 Take A Bite (Outta Me)
03 Cats Got Your Tongue
04 Soul Survivor
05 Sexual Addiction
06 Love Sick Junkie
07 Cheap City Thrills
08 Roses On My Grave
09 Trash City
10 Plastic Dolls
11 Love Song
12 I Don't Like Mondays

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Alleycat Scratch is:
Eddie Robinson - Lead Vocals
Bobby "Boa" Dias - Bass
Devin Lovelace - Guitars
Robbi Black - Drums

Here's a real treat for all those Alleycat Scratch fans that couldn't afford to shell out $75-$150 to get a copy of this legendary album. FnA Records now makes this classic sleaze metal album available to the fans, not only at a realistic price, but with a second disc dvd to add to the mix.

Bottom Line: Alleycat Scratch were the kings of the sleaze metal scene. They lived, breathed, ate, drank, snorted, and fucked like they sleazy bastards of the Sunset Strip. Musically, Alleycat Scratch fell somewhere in between Motley Crue and Swingin' Thing. The band is able to mix the bubblegum of Poison with the sleazier side of early Motley Crue and at times seem to tread similar water as the underrated Cats In Boots.

Songs like "Stilletto Strut", "Take A Bite (Outta Me)", "Cat Got Your Tongue" and "Love Sick Junkie" are so damn catchy (and a bit mean) and the ballad "Roses On My Grave" is tolerable and "Sexual Addiction" gives Winger's "Seventeen" a run for its money. As a bonus the band adds their live rendition of the only Boomtown Rats song anyone gave a damn about and dabbles in punk with the romantic "Love Song". They don't make music like this anymore, and that's a shame.

The Second disc in this highly sought after re-release is a never-before-released dvd which features a live show from The Troubadour, some live footage from The Whiskey, and behind the scenes footage from the bands apartment and from their pyro show.