No Sympathy: Dolls With Balls

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Dolls With Balls
Dolls With Balls Fan Package
*** Fan package autographed by Lead Singer Catfish and guitarist Ethyl Stevenson *** (Fan Packages ship usually 2-4 weeks after release date as band needs to sign booklets - all signatures guaranteed Authentic!!!)

Pro-Silver Bottomed CD-r

Track List

01 Zero in on My Heart
02 Living Young
03 Take That Step
04 All Fall Down
05 Hypnotized
06 One Lover Too Much
07 Living Young (live)
08 All Fall Down (live)
09 Take That Step (live)
10 One Lover Too Much (live)
11 Don't Stop Till I'm Satisfied (live)

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No Sympathy are and always will be:
Catfish - Singer
Ethyl Stevensen – Guitarist
Jake - Drummer
Gary Richardson – Bassist

No Sympathy Bio

Dolls With Balls. What a statement! Yet very true when referring to one of L.A.'s most underrated glitz and glam band. No Sympathy had it all - a hard to the core glam look, catchy tunes, and legions of fans. So who gives a fuck if these guys wore more make-up and were prettier than your Aunt Edna - their live show kicked your ass and left you piss-drained. They were DOLLS WITH BALLS!
No Sympathy was a Los Angeles, California band started in the late 1980's by Ethyl Stevenson. It took little time with their hardcore 'Glam & Sleaze, Cock Rock Attitude' meshed with the influences of European Goth and Punk acts to excite and titillate. The band consisted of singer Catfish, guitarist Ethyl Stevensen, Bassist Gary Richardson, and drummer Jake.
The Hollywood music scene took to No Sympathy...not because they were doing something so different from the vast array of other bands lumped into an ever-increasing genre, but because there was just something there that was a little different...a little unique...a little off-center if you will. Their diversity and unique song writing style set them apart from other sunset strip bands of the era. The songs were all penned by Catfish and Ethyl Stevensen; the attitude was derived from pure pleasure and pain, heart and soul, sweat and tears.
While make-up and aqua net sales started to dry up in the greater LA Area in favor of the lumberjack trend of the mid-nineties, No Sympathy bowed out gracefully leaving an imprint for the betterment of the Hollywood Hair Scene. Decades later, the time capsule has been opened, the contents dusted off, and the results are being bestowed upon young music lovers from a whole new musical generation and those fans who lived it... 'back in the day'.
No Sympathy - Always loved or hated but never ignored, the blasphemy and lechery continues 25 years later through the release of "Dolls With Balls".