Nikki Foxx: The Drug Years

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The Drug Years CD
Pro-Silver Bottomed CD-r

Track List

01 Time For Fixation
02 Take It
03 Can You Dig
04 Lean Into The Wind
05 Way Off
06 Some
07 Time To Pay
08 Choice Of The Dog
09 Voodoo Basket
10 No Reason
11 F*** U F*** Me
12 My Life For Years

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  • The Drug Years
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Nikki Foxx is:

Lee Razor - Vocals
Brian Martin - Guitars
John Davidson - Bass
Mark Pyszka - Drums

In 1991, Nikki Foxx became a four-piece powerhouse. Times were changing and so was the band. The sound changed. The vibe changed. The look changed. Gone were the hairspray, lipstick and spandex of the 80’s, and in their place a truer rock and roll outfit emerged. Drug; it was the addictive new sound Haze Lee Finn (vocals), John Davidson (bass/vocals), Brian Martin (guitar) and Mark Pyszka (drums) were creating. Bordering on alternative/grunge, the band was hitting on all 8 cylinders, with new and old fans alike. The songs on this CD compilation represent the best of the Nikki Foxx/Drug years. The band would like to thank all of our fans, friends and family for their support throughout those years. Just make sure you crank the motherfucker up loud!