Vaudville: Exit To Hollywood

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Exit To Hollywood CD
Pro-Silver Bottomed CD-r

Track List

01 Devil In You
02 Shake
03 Goodbye
04 No One's Girl
05 Good Love
06 Thicker Than Blood
07 Heart Attack
08 What I Want
09 Shake (Redux)
10 Sexuality
11 Angel
12 Call My Name

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  • Exit To Hollywood
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Vaudville is:

Doug Savage - Vocals
Dave LaChance - Guitars
Blaine Horn - Bass
Kelly Ryan - Drums

In 1990, former Rated-X guitarist, Dave LaChance, and drummer, Kelly Ryan, set out to form a band that would not only catch the attention of a thriving Hollywood music scene, but the world as well. To complete the rhythm section, they found ex-G.G. Gangster and Juicy Miss Lucy bassist, Blaine Horn and the nucleus of Vaudville was formed.

After months of writing and rehearsing new material, it was time for the trio to find the right voice to complete their aggressive, street wise brand of hard rock. A nation wide search led them to Ohio, home of Nasty Action frontman, Doug Savage. A couple weeks later, Savage was on a plane bound for Los Angeles, and the line-up was set.

By early 1991, Vaudville exploded onto the L.A. club scene, and made its mark in no time. The band quickly gained a large following and found themselves headlining shows up and down the Sunset Strip. This was followed by the release of their first, five song demo, which propelled them to the top of the scene. By the time they released their second, four song demo, they were solidified as a Hollywood powerhouse.

Vaudville disbanded in 1993. The emergence of grunge and alternative rock drew the world attention away from Los Angeles and the record companies were no longer looking to the Sunset Strip for new bands. Sadly enough, this was not an uncommon tale for this time, and a diminishing scene saw many great bands disappear into the sunset...