: Hallucination

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Hallucination Autographed CD
*** All CDs are autographed by Jaime St. James ***

Track List

01 Get Used To It
02 Hallucination
03 American Fame
04 Buy A Gun
05 Bye Bye Love
06 You
07 Voodoo
08 No More
09 Welcome To My Love
10 Lean Mean Woman Machine

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  • Hallucination
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Freight-Train-Jane is:

Jaime St. James - The Voice
Tommy Bolan - Guitars
Scott Werner - Bass
Skip Teaze - Drums

After the break up of Black'n Blue I decided to put together a new band. This time it would be a 4 piece. I wanted a “guitar guy” so I auditioned a lot of guitarists. At first I wanted to play with Mitch Perry but he had a lot going on back then, so guys came and went. Guitarists, drummers, and bass players all filtered through.

If you have never held auditions then let me tell you, it's a crack up and it's hell all at the same time. Usually you know if a guy is right for you within the first two minutes, but you've got to give them a little time, after all they are giving it the old I'm scared shitless but I'm going to go for it routine.

Tommy Bolan (from Warlock) came in on 11. This guy had so much energy I thought he was going to ignite. I decided he was the guy. On bass I ended up with Scotty Werner, damn good friend and a solid foundation at the bottom end. Davy Jones was the original drummer and to use his words “and I can sing like a bird” so that was it. Now the ugly truth is this was around 1992/93 and we were heading into a huge storm called Grunge.

We played gigs around the L.A. area and we were damn good, but the timing was wrong. Frustration eventually set in. Davy and I had an argument about something I don't even remember, and we replaced him with Skip Teaze. I secured a Japanese record deal and brought in my trusty pal Pat Regan to run the studio. The C.D. came out great. I still love “American Fame” “Voodoo” “Hallucination” and “No More” is so dark and cool to me. I still see the C.D.'s on the road from time to time for a long awaited signature and a hand shake. It's always cool when someone tells me they like this disk. Also the guys in the band are still playing music and I wish them luck.

Tommy has a band called NYC and Davy is front man for a Baltimore band called Burn. Skip is still playing drums and Scotty is hunting Scarlet O'Hairious and whirly-birding his way around Minnesota in a froth of beer and bass strings.