Mofryky: Human Aquarium

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Human Aquarium
Human Aquarium Fan Package
01- Down The Shore
02- Glimmer (Acoustic)
03- Glimmer
04- Quagmire Collage
05- Red Dot Charlie No-Pain
06- She's My Ex (Radio Edit)
07- Shes My Ex

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In the past, I always seemed to be just one of the catalysts in the equation. Not that I didn't have appreciation for being that cog in the wheel. I've always loved the chemistry mix that came about when different members contributed and another entity was created. I was happy with that formula for a long time. However, I always thought. WHAT IF? What if I was the one who had the idea, I had the concept, I set the parameters? Anyone else integrated would be using my template?

That thought culminated in my head for the longest time. All of a sudden, I was without a band for once. What better time? I've had great experiences, and have always someway, somehow had the privilege to work intensely with Erie's absolute best musicians. Am I anything great? Nah. I've just had really good peers who were unknowingly mentors to me. I was never anyone who ever saw themselves as anyone with exceptional talent (nor do I now) I just have the tenacity and persistence to slam my head against the proverbial brick wall until I get it right.

Though, I'm really not concerned all that much with "getting it right" This project has been as much a learning experience as it is expression. Thanks to all my "teachers" musically and/or life experience.

-- bio by FnA Records