Fatal Attraction: Immortal

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Immortal Fan(g) Pack
*** Fan Package is the CD autographed by Trey Valentine and Michael Dee *** (Fan Packages ship usually 2-4 weeks after release date as band needs to sign booklets - all signatures guaranteed Authentic!!!)

*** This is a LIMITED EDITION COVER...every 100 album covers printed will have a different album artwork ****

Pro-Silver Bottomed CD-r

Track List

02 Night Calls
03 All Night Long
04 Tonight
05 D.O.A.
06 Mindless Killer
07 Talk Of The Town
08 Preach This
09 I Know What I Want
10 You've Got To Bleed
11 Slut Strut
12 Nightstalker
13 I Know What I Want (New)
14 Stone Cold Dead
15 Here Comes Trouble Demo
16 All Of Your Blood

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  • Immortal
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Fatal Attraction will immortally be:

Trey Valentine – Lead Screamer
Johnny Crystal – Guitar
Michael D. – Bass
Mikk Valentine – Drums

Throughout time, folklore has cited strange happenings and sightings of the vampire nature; and in the 1980's, there was no exception to the rule. Sure there was the Lost Boys phenomenon and the hollywood a-listers that gave insight into the culture, but thats not what this story is about. Whether you believe its myth or reality or coincedence, the fact of the matter is that there were many spectators and unwilling participants that can lend credence to the fact that a 'Band Of Vampires' descended onto Southern California and created havoc on the local hard rock club circuit. The story can be passed down from generation to generation, and some still have the unwarranted markings bestowed upon their physical embodiment/capsule, but one only knows the real blood-curdling horror and mayhem that transpired if they were there to experience it with their own two eyes.
Speculation indicates that this 'band of vampires' is comprised of the living dead - four old souls that have been lost for eternity - their earliest known existence dating back to the 1600's. No one really knows how these four came together - but they did - and they found that their prowess was much more penetrating when they had strength in numbers. So around the year of MCMLXXXVIII (1988), the four formed an alliance (a blood brother pact if you will) that to the detriment of many would become known as Fatal Attraction.
As the living dead, Fatal Attraction were forever twenty-five; however their souls all harkened back to the 17th century; a time of brutal torture and devices that ripped flesh from bone. These English gents seem to have missed the mark when it came to being civilized in a way that would mesh with 20th century man....and for this...much chaos brewed...especially if you were a fair-skinned, long-haired, big-bosomed, metal chick. Fatal Attraction ultimately fed on the flesh of innocence and purity stealing the sanctity of all that was deemed sacred and pure. Virgins were sacrificed and lines were crossed...and few were never the same if Fatal Attraction crossed their path. And nothing could be truer if you saw these deviants play live at the local dive. Only those who were there, really know!
We know very little about the individual members of Fatal Attraction. What we do know is that this unruly cast of characters is out for your blood! Again, none of this information can be confirmed (nor denied). It is purely folklore passed down from those who were lucky enough to escape the restraints that bound. It seems that at the forefront of these degenerates is an individual, if you can respectfully refer to him as such, who goes by the name of Michael Dee. Many of his centuries were spent haunting the midwest, somewhere around the Ohio Valley until enough damage was done, that Michael up and left and headed towards Massachusettes. Little is known from this time period about Michaels undertakings, but it is said that some incident with tea forced him to uproot again and find new dwellings. Michael headed west leaving despair in his wake. Taking a strong interest in the counter culture and bizarre rituals of a new hippie culture, Michael began terrorizing those that he would come to despise. These individuals were stalked nightly and were left wondering if they were really seeing a vampire or hallucinating - but it didnt really matter if it was a long slow trip or not - he stole their drugs, fucked their "free love" bitches, and vowed to partake in a new style of music that would become known as Glam Metal. It was at about this time that Michael teamed up with his right-hand man, and counterpart of chaos, Trey Valentine. With ties to the "old country", Trey originally migrated to the Americas around 1750, settling in the southeast, only to be uprooted by a country fighting for its independence. This is when Trey opted to move west understanding that he would never be at peace, therefore realizing that his work was unfinished and that there were souls left to torture. Michael and Trey would eventually cross paths and become the founding members of Fatal Attraction. Their meeting was solely by chance, and an immeasureable bond was forged...and has lasted. For these two, Time Stands Still. Today, Trey's whereabouts are unknown, but FBI files seem to indicate that Trey has gone underground, masked his appearance, and taken to the airwaves to try and corrupt the down-trodden, the lost people, and those that are simply corruptable or antiestablishment. Immortality was bestowed upon Johnny Crystal who was floating around the Texas/New Mexico border and JD Shadowz who had ties to the Gulf Coast. Together and united, they are Fatal Attraction, a group of talented and diverse individuals with musical talent and a common goal.
Fatal Attraction became the true Hollywood Vampires. Their music was created as a ploy to attract compadres, counterparts, and victims. Some were associated in name and likeness only, some were bitten and given eternal life, and others were sacrificed for the common good of the message. Infamy and notoriety grew, and small masses began to protest. To the band, the message was clear and the bible-thumpers had to go. Loyal legions of fans were employed and deployed to fight the establishment. However, as more of the underbelly of society became drawn to the message of Fatal Attraction, unwanted elements took notice as well. Most notably were the VHA (Vampire Hunters of America). It came to the attention of Michael and Trey that they were being followed; Michael Dee got spooked and went into hiding for a year. Feeling that it was safe to return, Michael revolted and drove a stake through the heart of his replacement, reclaiming his seniority in the band and vowing to fight the VHA tooth and nail (fangs and stakes). A contract was signed in blood vowing to reclaim Hollywood and to never abandon his post again. It should be noted that over the years, a few other sikk individuals shared the stage with Fatal Attraction, but at one point or another went missing. This didn't sit well with everyone in the band. Johnny Crystal changed his name to Johnny Crypt and went and hung out with some electric gypsies. JD has been seen hanging out in the Hollywood Hills with a pirate and a rock city angel. Leaked FBI reports also indicate that JD has been building thousands of undersized coffins and distributing them as instruments of war. The FBI, who has become perplexed with why so many miniature coffins are needed, has enlisted the help of the CIA and a reward is being offered to anyone with inside information. As for the rest, folklore dictates that these casualties were at the hands of vampire hunters.
However, as attention was being focused back on these secret services, a bigger enemy was lurking in the wings, and their voice was deafening. Their fear was that the hard rock bands were becoming too powerful and even predictable. So Corporate Music America agreed to pull the rug out from underneath those who had originally put them on the map. According to well-documented accounts, and to everyones surprise and amazement, this enemy was able to rattle the music industry with its iron fist in one fell swoop. The powers that be shook their mighty fist and ushered in a new type of bullshit music that lacked creativity and was full of ambivelance, solely to eliminate a great music. This new group of musicians just didn't care about their presentation, their look, their live show, or even their ability to play. Folklore even states that the monster behind the curtain teamed up with some of the more powerful hairspray and makeup companies, and struck a deal to manufacture their products with garlic, in an attempt to rapidly rid of the riff raff, the beggars and hangers-on, Fatal Attraction and other hard rock bands.
Forward to 2012
Vampires travel - they don't sit still. And it seems that vampire activity is on the rise. With that being said, a group from Nashville, Tn. going by the name of FnA Records, has resurrected the recordings from the original Hollywood Vampires and have breathed new life and interest into keeping the message, the 80's way of life, and just plain good ol hard rock n roll music.
written by "Doc"