Bros. Grimm: Numbers - Good Times

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Numbers - Good Times CD
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Track List

01 Numbers
02 Spreading Myself
03 Enough For Me
04 Sick Of You
05 Ridin' The Rails
06 Bad News
07 Women In Lust
08 The End
09 Good Times
10 Love Me Back
11 So Bad
12 Let's Get Wild
13 Take A Chance
14 Last Time
15 Real Love
16 There Ya Go
17 There Ya Go
18 Little More
19 Take It Home (Bonus Track)

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Bros. Grimm is:

Joe Grimm - Lead Vocals
Bob Grimm - Guitars,Vocals
Paul Whallon - Guitars, Vocals (1979-1989)
Mark Farley - Guitars, Vocals (2010-Present)
Tim Reed - Bass, Vocals (1979-1983)
Andy Quail - Bass, Vocals (1985-Present)
Mike Hauger - Drums (1979-1983)
Joel Douthitt - Drums (1985-2000)
Jeff Zarate - Drums (2010-Present)

Brothers Grimm was formed in 1979, by brothers Joe (vocals) and Bob Grimm (lead guitar/vocals), with bandmates Tim Reed (bass), Mike Hauger (drums), and Paul Whallon (guitar/backing vocals). However, Joe, Bob, Tim, and Mike played in other high school bands throughout the mid 70’s and it wasn’t until the addition of a second guitarist that the Bros. Grimm line-up would be complete. The team would go on to include Chuck Harrington providing the live sound and Dave Thompson doing the live show lighting.

For the better part of two decades, Brothers Grimm carved out a loyal fan base between Central Ohio and South Florida. As their popularity grew, so did their attendance at their monthly gigs which then solidified BG as a worthy opening act for many of the nationals that came through town. The promoters knew that BG were a “Go To” band that would draw their own crowd in addition to the crowd who was there to see the major label artists of the day. Some of the major artists that BG shared the stage with were Steppenwolf with John Kay, Accept, Humble Pie, and Central Ohio’s hometown hero’s The Godz!

In 1983, the Brothers Grimm buckled down at Criteria Recording Studio in Miami, Florida during one of the legs of their back-and-forth travel excursions. Their efforts yielded a solid 8 song debut album entitled Numbers. Numbers showed a young energetic band with lots of talent and piss and vinegar. This became even more evident when local radio stations picked up and started spinning tracks from the album.

Bros. Grimm chugged along trying to capitalize on some of their early successes. However, midway through the 80’s the band underwent a line-up change replacing their rhythm session. Into the fold came new bass guitarist Andy Quail and drummer Joe Douthitt. This would be the line-up that would head into Musicol Recording Studio in Columbus, OH to record the bands 1988 sophomore effort, Good Times. Good Times featured 10 tracks that showed a band that had really come into their own; not only as a good time Club band, but as a band that had become capable of writing and recording a solid song.

For the next decade, the band tried to latch on to the hard rock scene that had been so kind to many of their contemporaries and counterparts. Towards the tail end of the 90’s, Bros. Grimm opted for a hiatus.

In 2009, that hiatus came to an end as the brothers (Joe and Bob) along with Andy Quail decided that they missed playing live. They added new members Mark Farley on guitar and Jeff Zarate on drums and have been playing to loyal audiences ever since.

In 2013, FnA Records was approached by one of their A&R Guys to give consideration to another solid Central Ohio band. After short negotiations, Bros. Grimm and FnA Records decided to join forces and re-release both of the bands indie vinyl albums on one compact disc. Prior to releasing the “Two on One” release, FnA Records had their Audio Engineer remaster the tracks and had their Art Department put together (with as many pictures as we could find) this wonderful artwork you now hold in your hands.

We hope you enjoy it!


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