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Rumbledog Fan Package
** features lead singer Henrik Ostergaard of Dirty Looks

Silver Pressed Disc

Track List

01 Have You Ever (Talked To Jesus)
02 Doing Time
03 Cardiac Arrest
04 Stone In My Eye
05 Last Call Sally
06 Down Inside
07 Trip the Lite (Fantastic Love)
08 Fang And The Love Pig
09 K Mart Country Funk
10 Red Lite
11 Love Train

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Rumbledog is:
Henrik Ostergaard (of Dirty Looks) - Vocals and Guitars

Robbin Crosby (of RATT)
Paul Monroe (of XYZ)
Cary Devore (of Dirty Looks)
Jim Harris (of Dirty Looks)
Paul Lidel (of Dirty Looks)
Dave Naro (of Dirty Looks)
Brian Perry (of Dirty Looks)

For years now, Dirty Looks fans have sought after the hard-to-find and very limited two Rumbledog releases. When you could find a copy on eBay or Amazon, they often commanded a price in the $30-$50 range, which made it even more allusive to those fans of the Gritty Dirty Looks sound. FnA Records have taken both albums back into the studio and remastered them. They have been sonically enhanced and beefed up with a much fuller, broader, deeper sound. And for extra measure the overall volume levels have been cranked as well without losing the intensity of the original sound. But even better than that, the albums are now available at a decent price, with new artwork, and the fans can even buy a two-pack of both Rumbledog albums at an even further discounted price.

Rumbledog was a band formed by Henrik Ostergaard just after he decided to split up Dirty Looks in 1993. The first album, simply self-titled, came out in 1993 and saw many tunes of released material under Dirty Looks in original version or altered lyrics (and title track) and former members of Dirty Looks as well. The second and last album entitled "The Drowning Pool" came out in 1995 showed an evolution in the style and caught up to the sound of this era, surely influenced by the members recruited for the recording like Mike Smith on guitar (future-Limp Bizkit and Evolver), Jassen Wilber on bass and Ron Sutton on drums (both future-Burning Orange and Bernard Allison Band), and the contribution of Paul Lidel and Mike Ondrusek (ex-Dirty Looks).

-- bio by FnA Records