Frenchee: Seduction City

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Seduction City CD
Seduction City Autographed CD Fan Pack
Tracks 1-4:
Lipstick Ammunition EP 1986-1987
Tracks 5-11:
Drunken Cocaine Sessions 1985
Tracks 12-14:
Band Rehearsal 1984
Track 15:
*Bonus Track*

Track List

01 Lipstick Ammunition
02 Passion Play Lady
03 Stand Up & Rock
04 Lusty Lady
05 Rock Tonight
06 Seduction City
07 Back room Rocker
08 One Night Stand
09 1984 Stand Up and Rock
10 1984 Lusty Lady
11 Absence
12 Calling The Shots
13 Gimmie What cha Got
14 Rags to Riches
15 Frenchee 1984 Radio Interview

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Frenchee is:

Sable Sex - Vocals
Luke Luv - Guitars
Punky Lazar - Bass
Niki Shea - Drums

*Scott Ceffalia - Vocals on Rehearsal Tracks

Luke Luv, founder of Frenchee, started the band back in 1983. The 1st singer was Tony Harnell who eventually left Frenchee to join Rock band TNT. Luke wanted a clean slate and start a new chapter of Frenchee, so he started auditioning new band members. First he started with the bass player situation. Two bass players answered the ad together they were friends from Queens NY and wanted to come down to audition together. They were Kelly Nickels & Punky Lazar. Luke decided on Punky, & Kelly went to Los Angeles and Joined a band called Faster Pussycat but got into a bad motorcycle accident which resulted in a bad broken leg and a long stay in the hospital. Faster Pussycat just signed a Record deal and had to replace him, but shortly after that he joined L.A. GUNS and was they're bass player for the 1st 3 records. Luke liked Punky for his Glam Image and solid and melodic bass playing. It turned out to be the right fit.

Next thing on Luke's agenda was finding the right charismatic good looking singer frontman. Well Sable Sex answered the ad and Sable didn't get the nickname "SEX" for nothing! Sables motto was "Sables the Name Sex is the game the man get's all the dames and they're never the same!" When Sable arrived to audition he walked down the stairs with a hot chick on each arm and sounded and looked the part. But it was the crazy off the wall personality that won him the job as Frenchee's fearless leader! Wow he found the right frontman that was just as crazy and partied just as hard as him & Punky.

6 Months earlier Sable meet soon to be drummer Niki Shea at a Rock Nightclub called L'AMOURS the rock capitol of Brooklyn. Niki Shea was on tour at the time with a band opening up for Warlock. Sable called Niki and told him he joined a promising Rock band called Frenchee with a Record company interest from Polygram Records and we need a drummer and your the 1st one that came to mind to complete the Ultimate Glam Sleaze Band. Well the east cost tour was just finishing up for Niki. So he came down for the audition. Luke, Punky & Sable all gave the thumbs up and proceeded to celebrate with a dozen bottles of champagne. Marking the beginning of Frenchee's crazy booze & sex filled debauchery! And Frenchee soon became notorious for there drunken backstage sex party's. Even the Groupies Mom's weren't safe! Some on tour stories can't be told!

Due to signing a new Record deal with FnA Records in 2013, Frenchee will be releasing remastered recordings and previously unreleased songs. The FRENCHEE Boy's will be getting back together for a reunion tour, and also look out for a brand new Frenchee album of new songs that you can sink your teeth into.

"Excerpt of Frenchee Bio from album"