Trash Cowboys: The Good, The Bad, & The Nasty

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The Good, The Bad, & The Nasty
The Good, The Bad, & The Nasty Fan Package
*** Fan Package is autographed by 3-4 of the original members *** (Fan Packages ship usually 2-4 weeks after release date as band needs to sign booklets - all signatures guaranteed Authentic!!!)

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Track List

01 Fashion Girl (1991)
02 Bad Attitude (1991)
03 Trash City (1991)
04 When Its Over (1991)
05 Call Me Crazy (1991)
06 Get Modern (1989)
07 Sweet Home Trouble (1989)
08 When Its Over (1989)
09 Call Me Crazy (1989)
10 Lipstick Fixx (1987)
11 Pistol (1987)
12 When Its Over (1987)
13 Call Me Crazy (1987)

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  • The Good, The Bad, & The Nasty
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Macc D. Knife - Vocals
Brad D. Lee Rude - Guitar
Jamii Sinns - Bass
JoJo "Dancer" Durant - Drums
Nikki Sleaze - (Lead Vocals on tracks 10-13)

The year was 1987 and Bradley Rude set out to create a band that would showcase a new style of Glam Rock that was emerging on the scene called Sleaze. Rude didn't know it at that time but he was about to form the Sleaziest band that Los Angles and every other State in the USA would ever see and this still holds true to this very day.

How it all came about:

Bradley would find Nikki Sleaze, a drunk fucking piece of shit, passed out along side of a convenient store, and as Bradley walks by this dude, this guy says "I can sing", so Bradley stops and looks at him and says, "yea I think you can, get in my car". That moment would change Hollywood history, and the Trash Cowboys were born. Like 3 days later Bradley Rude and Nikki Sleaze were sitting out front of 7-11 on Sunset and Carson at about 1:30 a.m. and were drinking some whiskey when this Bad Ass Dude with long black hair ,cowboy boots, sunglasses and a fucked up attitude walks up to them and says, "Im the best drummer you Fuckers have ever seen and I'm looking for a band" and so Jojo Dancer was now added to the mix. The pieces were falling into place very fast so Bradley, Jojo, and Nikki set out to find a bass player that was as sleazy as they were. The Three of them were at a party when they stumbled across a blonde- haired freak sitting on the floor surrounded by 7 or 8 very hot chicks. Nikki says, the Trash Cowboys was now complete.

Three weeks after Trash Cowboys formed, they went into the studio and recorded their first 4 song Demo titled, Lipstick Fix, in this little hole in the wall studio for $500. It took the Cowboys about 4 hours to complete the whole EP; the sound quality was shit but the songs were so good people went crazy over it! Just a few weeks later, The Cowboys were contacted by the Roxy Theater and First Class Productions wanting the band to start playing on the circuit ~ most bands never got to play the circuit. Three songs into the very first Trash Cowboys set ever on the circuit (at the Roxy), Nikki Sleaze pulls his dick out in the middle of a song - written across his chest in red lipstick the words SUCK IT - and at that moment, Sleaze was taken to a new level. And in the very next moment, the power would go off on stage and the Trash Cowboys would be ejected from the Roxy. Thus starting a pattern that would reoccur for years to come!

Every club on the circuit kicked the Cowboys out for being too Sleazy & Nasty on stage. The write-ups in all the magazines throughout the Los Angeles area were going nuts with all the 'bad publicity' the Trash Cowboys were receiving. Over night the demand for Trash Cowboys spiraled out of control!!! Everywhere The Cowboys would play, the lines would wrap around the block in anticipation of seeing what the sleaziest fucking band around would do next!#?@ People couldn't get into the shows as each engagement was at sell-out capacity. After a few of these sold out shows, Headline Entertainment hooked up with the Cowboys and they were sent to Hawaii to kick off a tour as the opening act for Motley Crue. And one can only imagine what the outcome was when these two bands of hooligans blazed a path of debauchery and sin!!! For the complete history of the Trash Cowboys you will have to get their new book entitled, The Good The Bad and The Nasty - The disturbing true stories of the Sleaziest Band to ever disgrace Hollywood!

Until then, crank this fucker, and stay sleazy!!!

-- bio by Bradley and "Doc"