Criss Sexx: Unreleased and Unplugged

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01 - BURNOUT HEART (with Jimi Bell of House Of Lords & Johnny Lima)
02 - MONEY AND THE MAGIC (with Gerry Laffy of Girl)
03 - DOIN' FINE (with Jesse Damon of Silent Rage)
04 - NOT THAT INNOCENT (with Kane Roberts (Alice Cooper) and Tony Mills of Shy)
05 - HAVE YOU EVER written by Mike Tramp (White Lion)
06 - MISSING YOU written by Ted Poley (Danger Danger)
07 - TRY AGAIN (Acoustic)
08 – WEIRD (Acoustic)
11 - DON'T YOU KNOW (Acoustic)
12 - HOW DARE YOU (Acoustic)
13 - IT'S YOU (Acoustic)
17 - FEEL YOUR LOVE TONIGHT (Unreleased/Demo)
18 - HEAL MY BROKEN HEART (Unreleased/Demo)
19 - STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN (Unreleased/Demo)

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  • Unreleased and Unplugged
  • Unreleased and Unplugged
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Brazilian singer Criss Sexx got started in music in 1991 as a bass player in his first band Sexx Action (inspired by an L.A. Guns favorite plus an extra "X"). Sexx Action released a modest, two-track demo tape in 1991. In 1993 Criss formed Bang Bang Rock... This band released two demo tapes, "Easy Target" (1994) and "Spit Back & Smile" (1995).

1998 was a strange year for music in Brazil - lots of trends, new music styles, the rebirth of Pop... Criss Sexx decided then to invest in the recording of a "more pop sounding style" professional demo, with the song lyrics in Portuguese, but one thing was still there - the Glam Rock image.
Criss Sexx decided he was not interested in pursuing a career as pop solo artist anymore. He always felt he was a Rock And Roll singer. Criss’ next adventure would be a Glam band a la early Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd and Tigertailz, and to sound as sleazey as L.A. Guns and Mötley Crüe. The band was called Bastardz. Bastardz would record an EP, but musical differences tore the band apart. What did come out of the collaboration was Criss’ first solo album, appropriately called "Bastard Barbie".

In 2005, Criss Sexx had a brief stint as the lead singer of the Rio de Janeiro band Snow.
Next would come Nympho!! In 2007 Nympho was born and their debut album, "V.I.P. - Very Indecent People", was released in North America. Nympho had a second album called "Alone In The Dark" which was released in Europe.

Nympho had four promo videos off the "Alone In The Dark" album in 2013: "I'll Come Running","Rock Me Hard", "Dreams Are Not Enough" and "Alone In The Dark". With little money in the pocket, Criss Sexx had the crazy idea of trying to get special guests from bands he had grown up listening to to be on his next​ five new songs. Criss Sexx met Gerry Laffy guitarist and founding member of the early '80s Glam Rock band Girl. It was the right time for Criss to ask Gerry if his band could cover a song he wrote, "Money And The Magic". Gerry Laffy agreed right away, and that was the kickstart of Nympho's third album. The hardest part was convincing guitarist Gerry Laffy to guest on his own song. After a couple of months, Gerry finally gave in, agreeing to play an outro solo on "Money And The Magic".

In 2014, the "Not That Innocent" album was released. It was a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs and wrong turns. Two more videos were released: "Flush Your Heart Away" and "Not That Innocent". While talking to a fan she and Criss started talking about acoustic albums. She asked him if he had ever thought of recording an acoustic album. He told her he would love to, and she told him she could fund these recordings. By the end of 2014, Criss Sexx had written, arranged, recorded and produced his second solo album, "Acoustichaos".

In 2015, Criss Sexx decided it was about time he released his "Acoustichaos" solo album, and he did unveiling a first promo video for the song "If There's A Place In Your Heart”. The album was released digitally only (until now).

2016 was a quiet year.

In early 2017, Nympho was history and Criss Sexx did not want to give up on his career. Not after so many years of hard work, so he decided to finally work again on his "Acoustichaos" solo album. Criss Sexx had a crazy idea of gathering enough people from different parts of the world to be featured on a promo video. "Weird" was the chosen track, and fans / friends from England, The Netherlands, India, Brazil and the US were on it.

In October, FnA Records and Criss Sexx started talking and FnA asked if there was any unreleased material he had recorded... but the only unreleased stuff he had in his archives were different, unreleased mixes of songs that had been previously out on Nympho's "Innocent" album, and a few other songs that didn't make it on his first solo album, "Bastard Barbie". Additionally there were a handful of tracks that either featured 80’s rock stars or were written by 80’s rock stars.
Those mixes, which were unreleased in the US until now, can finally see the light of day. These great songs, "Burnout Heart", "Money And The Magic", "Doin' Fine" and "Not That Innocent", feature a stellar guest line-up of Jimi Bell (House Of Lords), Johnny Lima, Gerry Laffy (Girl), Jesse Damon (Silent Rage), Kane Roberts (Alice Cooper) and Tony Mills (Shy / TNT) and songs written by Ted Poley of Danger Danger (“Missing You”) and Mike Tramp of White Lion written (“Have You Ever”). Also included are tunes that didn't make it to Criss’ first solo album - "What Comes Around Goes Around", "Feel Your Love Tonight", "Heal My Broken Heart" and "Starting All Over Again" - off the unreleased Snow album. In addition, there's also the complete "Acoustichaos" solo album, available for the first time on CD.

So enjoy the ride between 2005 and 2017, between Glam Rock and Acoustic Rock... "Unreleased & Unplugged"... Then & Now...

- Criss Sexx & FnA Records