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Venomous CD
Venomous Fan Pack CD
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*** Fan Package is signed by 2 members of Snakebyte***
1. All Your Luv
2. Mama Please
3. Over And Over Again
4. Like A Knife In The Back
5. She's A Witch
6. La Paloma

7. Hot Lava
8. Fear The Devil
9. Moon Child
10. D-Street
11. The Investigator
12. Death At Moonlight
13. No Second Opinion

14. Baseball
15. Mama Please (Original 1982 8-Track Recording)
16. Snakebyte

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Snakebyte is:

Wally Passet - Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Jonny Ferrari - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Andy Milner - Bass & Backing Vocals
Kurtis Anton - Drums

In the early 80’s, Snakebyte slithered its way into a burgeoning southern California rock scene and invenomated a vibrant rock crowd in ways that many of their counterparts could only dream of. Snakebyte came about just like many other bands of the era had via numerous incarnations until settling on a version that just felt right. Longtime friends Andy Milner, Jonny “Coffin” Ferrari, and Kurtis Anton set out to form an original hard rock band in the north county coastal area of San Diego.

The earliest version of the band, who rehearsed heavily in a soundproof basement on Arden Street in Encinitas, California, started out going by the moniker “Mayhem” – the year was 1981. Stu Milner, brother of bassist Andy Milner later suggested the band name be changed to Snakebite, and their father fore-seeing the computer age suggested the name be adapted to Snakebyte by replacing the “I” with a “y”….and with that change the band had planted its seed. The only thing missing was a front man, who would eventually surface out of the ashes of the bands Neptune (1976-1979) and Blackstar (1979-1983). Wally Passet, was a very well-known and accomplished local super talent from the 70’s and 80’s, who had mastered not only a unique vocal style but was also recognized as quite the guitar phenomenon. Vibeing off the high energy that the original 3 piece version of Snakebyte delivered, Wally agreed to join the band add his unique vocal styling and killer guitar riffs; Snakebyte had found a lineup that would reign supreme for years to come.

The year was now 1983 and the band secured the management of father/actor Martin Milner. They went into the studio under the tutelage of co-producer Bob Bishop, where they would start to record tracks for their first album. Everyone in the band was very in tune with the magic that they created when the four members played together. They honed their skills practicing and writing new material on a daily basis at the Milner Mansion down on 19th street in Del Mar, Ca. Snakebyte was actually able to compile a song list of over 100 rocking, bluesy, progressive hard rock/metal songs.

Snakebyte had a staggered and diverse list of influences from Stevie Wonder to Kiss to Ozzy to Hendrix, Zeppelin, Bad Company, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Foreigner, Starship, Aerosmith, Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Satriani and Blood Sweat and Tears to name a few. While they gladly paid homage to their influences, these four young lads were creating a style (and a buzz) unique unto themselves.

Shedding its skin deep in the San Diego county areas, where life didn’t exist east of El Camino Real or the I-5 Fwy, Snakebyte was able to do what many other local bands weren’t able to do - and that was create loyal following northward to Los Angeles. With their home base being D-street, Moonlight Beach, and downtown Encinitas and their home club being La Paloma in downtown Encinitas, the band played to its strengths, capturing the hype and hearts of local rock fans, who they often bused up to their gigs in L.A.In early 1986, the band released straight to vinyl, their one and only self-titled official release (until this 2013 expanded Snakebyte release courtesy of FnA Records The original E.P. was produced by Ben Kay Intl., of Canada while Bernie Grundman of Hollywood did the mastering. Due to the strength and reach of their debut release, Snakebyte was nominated for an L.A Rocks award and was picked as one of the top twelve up-and-coming bands in the U.S. This caused the major labels to start taking interest in the band - recognizing their musical talent and explosive fist-pumping live shows!
While never straying too far from ‘Snake’ headquarters, the band did embark on a mini-tour in 1986 which saw them sharing the bill with Armored Saint at a coliseum in Salt Lake City. The momentum was coming from the exposure the band was receiving due to numerous local radio stations (such as KPRI and KLOS) giving considerable airtime to the Snakebyte anthem “She’s A Witch”.

Waiting for their ‘big break’ (which would never come), each of the band members continued to work hard at their craft. Andy Milner and Jonny “Coffin” Ferrari (now living in Hollywood) were studying at G.I.T. Wally was delving deep into vocal instruction, and Kurtis was working directly with Marty Martinez, drummer of the L.A. Philharmonic (1980-1982). Kurtis was also studying the styling of Tommy Aldridge although drumming was already deep in his bloodline. His father, Richard Anton, was a local San Diego drummer for many years at the Little Bavaria House in Del Mar in the 1960’s and 70’s. (Additionally, Richard Anton drummed for the German American Society, and the San Diego troupe, Polka Pals, of Del Mar.)

Early in 1987, Snakebyte broke up over the regular stuff that you regularly hear about. Whether it was band infighting or creative differences, or even just band members going in new directions – the venom was poisonous and the group could never get back on track.

For a bright shining moment in the mid 80’s, Snakebyte rivaled the talent of any of their counterparts and luminaries, and gained the respect of the industry and fans alike.