Tres Chic: Memory Lane

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Tres Chic - Memory Lane CD
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Track List

01 Can't You Tell
02 Shy
03 Memory Lane
04 Madame Roxy
05 Mother's Side
06 Dying To Be With You
07 Laughing Clownz
08 Love Not War
09 Through My Window
10 James Dean (Live At Rehearsal)
11 Hittin' The Road (Live At Rehears
12 Rock Bottom (Early Demo)
13 Suite 45 (Early Demo)
14 The Way I Feel (Early Demo)
15 Work It Out (Live at the Thirsty
16 Dying To Be With You (Live at the
17 Mothers Side (Live at the Gateway
18 Never Forgotten (Live at the Thir
19 Through My Window (Live at the Th
20 See Ya

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Tres Chic Was:

Anthony Settecase aka Jami Showboy - Vocals
Joe Hibbs aka Brandy Brooks - Bass
Brian Pauly aka Brian Brooks - Guitars
Tommy Salzinger aka Tommy Up - Drums
Tony Zolla aka Tony Z - Guitars
Gary Berndt aka G.B. Whip - drums on all live tracks

TRES CHIC loves glam rock! And Chicago loves Tres Chic! That’s how the band would like to be remembered. Tres Chic were a staple on the Midwest club circuit in the early 90’s bringing their style of ‘Glam Rock’ to those fans looking to express themselves through good-time party music and style. The band held their own for numerous years bringing the party wherever they played – and the locals knew that this was more than a show, it was a spectacle not to be missed!

Tres Chic’ were born and at the THIRSTY WHALE (Chicago’s premiere hard rock club), back when big hair and rack systems ruled the stage, and when a show was a ‘show’! The thing that really stood out about Tres Chic was that these Contempo shopping, street walking, misfits had more fun drinking and partying than anyone!!! And that’s no exaggeration! They where loud, obnoxious, and very silly looking, but it didn’t stop them from sharing the stage with some of the coolest bands, playing some of the hottest venues, f@#king some of the most beautiful ladies, and hosting a ton of garage and backyard parties.

Often compared to the ‘other favorite Chicago glam band’ Enuff Z’nuff, Tres Chic took the image of glam ten times further. But it only takes a little bit of money, a little bit of an eye for the eccentric, and a few cool chicks wanting to play dress up with you to create a solid ‘Glam’ image. Without the music – you had nothing, and you didn’t last long all dolled up on the ‘mean streets’ of Chicago. Tres Chic did have the music, and that was evident by the legions of fans who came out to every show to listen to the band run through memorable song after memorable song; but perhaps the biggest drawing power was the sing-a-long power ballad “Memory Lane” – hands down one of the favorite songs on the “unsigned” Chicago scene in the early 90’s. A power ballad in the late 80’s and early 90’s gave a band mileage, and this helped Tres Chic land many coveted opening slots for national touring artists. Other memorable songs such as “Mothers’ Side”, “Laughing Clownz”, “Love Not War”, “Shy” and “Madame Roxy” helped to confirm that Tres Chic was a band with momentum.
FnA Records proudly releases Tres Chic’s first ever album, Memory Lane, featuring 20 tracks of ‘Glam and Debauchery’. The first 9 tracks comprise all of the bands studio recordings. Tracks 10 and 11 are taken from the bands rehearsals, followed by three early demo recordings and then five live recordings recorded at legendary Chicago clubs (The Thirsty Whale and the Gateway Theater). The last track is a “nod” to the fans, the scene, the era, and the party! You only know the down and dirty details…if you were there. “Some things we can’t remember, Some you will never forget!!”