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FnA Records loves the press! And we want to work with you.

In this section, members of the press can listen to any and all albums released by FnA Records via the internet.  You will need a special code that allows you access to any album.  Once you have obtained the code, enter it into the box below and it will unlock a special page that will allow you to review any album on FnA Records roster.  If you review an album on any website, in any magazine or newspaper, on a web show, tv show, etc. and you want your own personal copy of the album for your own collection, we will gladly send you a personal copy for a highly reduced price.  This offer is for members of the press only.

Does FnA Records, LLC. send out hard copies for review?

Select media outlets, magazines, webzines, fanzines will be sent hard copies for review.   If your organization reviews one of our artists albums, or does an interview with any of our artists, we are more apt to continue sending you hard copies for review.  Quite simply though, to supply all the press around the world with review copies can be quite a costly expense, especially for an upstart label.  In addition, these review copies have a way of finding themselves on ebay, Amazon, and in used stores defeating the purpose of generating money (for both the artist and label) so that we can bring forth more amazing and RARE releases.

How do I obtain a press code/ Hard Copy?

E-mail us from the Contact page and tell us what media format you are involved with.  Send us your contact info and where we can find your past album reviews.  Once we have that info we will supply you with a code that allows you to review albums.

How do I use the FnARecords Press Box?

Access to the FnARecords Press Box is best using the following, which have been tested:

  • Apple iPad with Safari web browser
  • Microsoft Windows XP or 7 using Mozilla Firefox  web browser with Apple QuickTime
  • Microsoft Windows XP or 7 using Microsoft Internet Explorer 10  web browser with Apple QuickTime
  • (If the QuickTime player does not display properly, try exiting all browsers, uninstall QuickTime, reboot, then reinstall QuickTime then start a preferred browser).
  • Currently FnARecords Press Box does not function properly with Google Chrome

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To access the FnARecords Press Box, 

  1. click on the blue Press Log In above
  2. enter your email address and password, then click the green LOGIN button.
  3. in My Dashboard, click on the green link "click here to access the Review Area"
  4. albums are listed alphabetically by title, so click on the album you desire to hear. 
  5. many of the albums will display a QuickTime player, under each album track listed. click on the available right arrow symbol to start (and the pause  symbol to stop) playing the track.
  6. Enjoy!

Please send all write ups to us.

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