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Track List

01 Funhouse
02 Coming Back
03 Uncle Dad
04 Hell's Kitchen
05 Bondage Binge
06 Gay Bash
07 La Bonita
08 Big and Bounty
09 Snowblind
10 To Hell With Stryper
11 Kiss and Kill
12 Pussywhipped
13 Daddy's Girl
14 Nasty Suicide
15 Freak Show
16 Skin Tight
17 Let's Go Crazy

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Funhouse is:

Sindi Raymond - Lead Vocals
Mike Stanley - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Matt Harrigan - Bass & Vocals
Jimmy "Bushman" Adams - Drums & Vocals

Funhouse began in 1987 when Mike Stanley and Jimmy “Bushman” Adams joined forces. Mike Stanley of Delran NJ, "guitarist virtuoso/tone master" and Berkley College of Music Alumni, Jimmy “Bushman” Adams of Philadelphia and well respected area drummer from many bands such as Kashmir, Silencer and The Flow.

They started the band adding vocalist/thrilling-and-entertaining-front-person” Sindi Raymond of Essington Pa. from the band Silencer.

After word got around, Philadelphia born bassist Matt Harrigan from the area bands circuit and studio session player was then chosen to join and solidify the band as the remaining piece.

Funhouse played and worked their way up to major clubs in Philadelphia and surrounding area like the Red Garter, Trocedero , TLA, Galaxy and Empire rock club earning enough cash to buy a $600 van and hit the road on a five state tour included their favorite home-away- from- home New York City clubs; Cat Club, L’amour’s, and Zone DK and to Maryland’s Rage club.
In the middle of all the excitement; the band managed to snag a record deal with Wolf Records in 1989 and recorded their first album which was considered by some, to be controversial and risqué; albeit cassettes and CD’s were distributed and sold in well-known national music stores.

The band has continued to play exciting events and reunion shows to present day and has since been back in the studio writing and recording in support of their new album release under a new record contract with company FnA Records based out of Nashville. The match seems to be made in Heaven or more like somewhere in-between Heaven and Earth as FnA Records is in full support of re-releasing some of the older but re-mastered songs which were once upon a time banned in the U.S.