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  • FnA Records release’s Snowmen and Witchunt CDs

    FnA Records release’s two Pennsylvania bands:
    Erie PA’s Snowmen and Philadelphia’s Witchunt
    The Snowmen are all about the show and the Rock experience
    With their chilly painted white faces (a la Kiss) originally they attacked the heavy rock scene on Christmas 1977.
    The Snowmen were a theatrical band choosing to give their fans a full value show; filled with [...]

  • FnA Records releases ‘LONG ROAD’ by Nobodys Children

    Nobodys Children follows a two decade journey and finally releases their new album ‘LONG ROAD’ on FnA Records
    In the late 80’s and early 90’s, L.A. (Los Angeles) was ground zero for all kinds of emerging hard-rock hair bands that were kicking down the doors of the sunset strip. However, 2000+ miles to the east was [...]

  • Femme Fatale releases long-awaited second album

    Femme Fatale releases long-awaited second album, twenty-five years in the making on FnA Records
    Femme Fatale releases their long awaited second album, One More For The Road, on FnA Records (www.fnarecords.net) this spring of 2016. The album was recorded back in 1989/90 with the original band members and has never seen the light of day…until now [...]

  • FRAIDY KATT release first ever album on FnA Records

    Canadian Sleaze Rockers FRAIDY KATT
     (featuring Stacey Blades of Roxx Gang/L.A. Guns fame) 
    release first ever album on FnA Records
    When it comes to Sleaze Rock/Metal in Canada in the early 90’s, there was none better than Fraidy Katt. Hailing from Toronto Canada, one of the new hard rock meccas after Hollywood, Fraidy Katt popped onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere, and in no time at all were one of the biggest unsigned bands [...]

  • Brunette release two albums on FnA Records

    PRE-Hardline band Brunette release two albums on FnA Records
    Undoubtedly, Brunette was one of Hollywood’s greatest unsigned treasures; despite the fact that every big-wig A&R guy had the 80’s hard rock band on their radar. The coveted major label deal was just around the corner, and Brunette had definitely paid their dues. Relentless cross-country touring, Standing-room [...]

  • FnA Records re-releases Theatre "Gem"

    FnA Records re-releases ANOTHER highly sought after "Gem" (Sexy Lady + City Lights + 3 More) by Theatre - one of Chicago’s All-Time Great Melodic Hard Rock Bands
    For fans of Melodic Hard Rock, there have always been those hard-to-find "Gems" that are often sought after, but near impossible to find. Chicago’s very own Theatre released [...]

  • FnA Records inks deal with Jaime St. James of Black n’ Blue

    FnA Records inks deal with Jaime St. James of Black n’ Blue to release his hard to find, highly sought after post Black-n-Blue project Freight Train Jane in a Limited Edition Autographed Run
    FnA Records has released a small run of 100 CD’s of the Freight Train Jane release entitled Hallucination. Each CD is individually numbered [...]

  • FNA releases Love Razors' album Hollywood Underground

    FNA Records announces release of Hollywood's best kept secret: Love Razors' album Hollywood Underground
    By the late 80’s, the Hollywood Rock scene was a virtual hotbed of hopeful bands looking for their big break at stardom. Perhaps one of the greatest stories of a band that “almost was” is the story of the Love Razors. They [...]

  • FNA Records releases 2 albums by famed NY band Cristeen

    FnA Records has given the  well-deserving Cristeen, not just one, but two solid OFFICIAL releases:  “Resurrection” & “Red, White, Black & Blue”.  “Resurrection” features 14 studio tracks that the band was well known for, while “Red, White, Black & Blue” is a whopping 22 tracks of Demos, Rarities, and tons of never-before released music.  Cristeen’s [...]

  • FnA Records opens the Trick or Treat Bag with 8 new releases… Reach in and grab yourself a handful!!

    The first and maybe most appropriate release this Halloween by FnA Records is from the real Hollywood Vampires, Fatal Attraction.  Fatal Attraction was that band on the sunset strip that hard rock fans flocked to, just so they wouldn’t miss the live show.  From the live show entrance of the band emerging from real coffins [...]

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